Year: 2021

The Hunger Games film. Describe an important theme in the film.

UK Style of writing. .The examples that you give will be film techniques. These techniques could include: Camera work (shots, movement, angles etc)Lighting and colourCostumeDialogueSettingPropsEditing/structureSound/sound effectsMusicVoiceoverActing PLANNING:Think carefully about which idea or character you want to discuss. Consider how film techniques help you to understand the key idea or character in the film. For example:Costume, […]


On this discussion board, we will be discussing energy balance and body weight. Assignment Instructions: Use critical thinking and apply the information you learned in chapter 11. Select ONE question from the list below and answer it completely. Write a professionally written paragraph to answer your selected question. Your instructor is looking for 3-4 key […]

US history from 1865

When do you think the United States would have entered World War II if the Japanese had not bombed Pearl Harbor? Give me a date and explain why you picked it. Consider these cartoons fromDr. Seuss Went to War. Yes, that Dr. Seuss, as in “Green Eggs and Ham”. Pick ONE of Dr Seuss’s cartoons […]

Basics of a Start-Up

This is actually 2 different papers. The 2nd works off the 1st. The 1st paper is 3-4 pages. The 2nd is 4-5 pages. The business venture is chose to start is a T-shirt printing business. If needed, specifically printing quotes from on movies (nostalgic). This is the 1st: This assignment investigates the financial needs of […]

Echinodermata Introduction and literature cited

**Instructions – Please read the instructionscarefuly – two PDF attached – The assignment should be 2 double-spaced pages (12pt, Times New Roman font, page margins no less than 1.5cm). – Follow the marking rubric next pages – Read the manual lab to know what is happening also provided **Sources instructions: – Three references should be […]

World History 1120

Submita 1.5-2 page, double-spaced, interview with Primo Levi. Include at least 7 interview questions as well as the answers to those interview questions. ***In order to interview Primo Levi, and respond to the interview questions with as real life as possible answers, you will need to research Primo Levi in both your textbook and online.*** […]

DIscussion Post

Choose TWO of the following questions to address in your Discussion Boardoriginal post: Is there a moment that you recall regarding historically disadvantaged groups (female, minority, disabled) from American sports that inspired you? Please describe in detail. Do you agree with the notion that sport can be a powerful symbolic platform for overcoming gender/racial/disability stereotypes? […]

narrative device in Firewatch

Choose onenarrative devicein Firewatch (see below and attached files) and analyze how that element is used to forward the story in the game. Support your claim with evidence (half-page maximum). Use and citein your response. Course concepts: Ch5 file has audio, space/geography, time Ch7 file has character, nerrative Please select one of them you like […]

Rewrite Essay to avoid Plagiarism

Please rewrite the essay below to avoid plagiarism, I wish the new version will not be checked as plagiarized from the old version below. There is no need to use outside quotes or references! Also, it is okay to add sentences for the flow of the paper with readings attached below. Please make it logical! […]

Developing a Modern Data Architecture

For this homework assignment, you are assuming the role of a “Big 4” (KPMG, EY, Deloitte, PwC), where your client, Edward Jones, is asking for a white paper discussing the key points, benefits, and components are a modern data architecture. Edward Jones is “behind the times” in their infrastructure, and need to make a move […]

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