Day: November 24, 2021

narrative device in Firewatch

Choose onenarrative devicein Firewatch (see below and attached files) and analyze how that element is used to forward the story in the game. Support your claim with evidence (half-page maximum). Use and citein your response. Course concepts: Ch5 file has audio, space/geography, time Ch7 file has character, nerrative Please select one of them you like […]

Rewrite Essay to avoid Plagiarism

Please rewrite the essay below to avoid plagiarism, I wish the new version will not be checked as plagiarized from the old version below. There is no need to use outside quotes or references! Also, it is okay to add sentences for the flow of the paper with readings attached below. Please make it logical! […]

Developing a Modern Data Architecture

For this homework assignment, you are assuming the role of a “Big 4” (KPMG, EY, Deloitte, PwC), where your client, Edward Jones, is asking for a white paper discussing the key points, benefits, and components are a modern data architecture. Edward Jones is “behind the times” in their infrastructure, and need to make a move […]

summative assessment

Our intention throughout the masters program is to tie in the activities and assignments to your professional career in order to encourage you to build capital with your employer. Your masters degree and the skills you learn while earning it should support and strengthen your current and future positions in the health care industry. To […]

How and Why Does Art Education Impact Learning and Instruction in a K-12 Classroom

Persuasive Essay:4-6 page essay (no more than 8 pages) in APA or MLA formaton the essay prompt (75 points). Summative Slideshow Presentation:A visually interesting summation of key topics in your essay in 8-10 slides(15 points). In-Class Analysis & Collaborative Presentation: Students will share their essays andslideshows in a small group and collaborate to synthesize their […]


What are the short term effects and lasting impacts of crises, disasters, and traumas on culturally diverse adolescents? Consider the CDC-Kaiser Permanente adverse childhood experiences (ACE) study in your response. How could one’s spiritual beliefs serve as protective factors? Provide at least two examples considering the GCU Statement on the Integration of Faith and Work […]

Genre Analysis and Critique

Instuctions are attached below. Please let me know if you have any questions. please read the instructuons i will tip good if done correctly. and idea for this paper i was originaly going to write about was the How-to/ Instuctional videos because it has shown me how to cook, appply make up and exercise at […]

Assignment Package 2

The citation style is AAA. Please check the citation guideline and please be very careful with citations and plagiarism my professor check everything on Turnitin! Question 4: As a prompt for your journal entry, think about the original contexts for African art objects (how have they been used?) for the objects discussed in the article […]

Ethics Assignment

This is the final paper, which combine 2 daft papers i posted in the files. It’s needed to rewrite and make it professional.   I posted an example paper, please read carefully. The memo to the Ethics Department file that considers the following four theories that were discussed in the online lecture Utilitarianism, Universal Ethics […]

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