Developing a Modern Data Architecture

For this homework assignment, you are assuming the role of a “Big 4” (KPMG, EY, Deloitte, PwC), where your client, Edward Jones, is asking for a white paper discussing the key points, benefits, and components are a modern data architecture. Edward Jones is “behind the times” in their infrastructure, and need to make a move towards a modern data architecture. You recently attended a conference and saw a great presentation on this topic (under the Apply section in this module “Read: Developing a Modern Data Architecture”), that you believe is the basis of your white paper. Your assignment is to use the lecture videos, notes, and presentation below to write a persuasive, informative, and action oriented white paper for your client.

Provide a 5-7 page paper (formatted according to APA guidelines) includinga minimum of seven peer-reviewed journal articles outlining apersuasive, informative, and action-oriented white paper for your client.The white paper should include an executive summary highlighting the key takeaways and focus points to keep your client excited about reading the paper, and a structured, well-flowing paper that will inform their opinion on how to build a modern data architecture.

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Developing a Modern Data Architecture
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