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Topic:Why did the United States and Iraq go to war with each other? discuss how Fearon (1995) and Jervis might interpret the causes for this war (two sources attached below)


“Applying Fearons model, the war can be explained rationally with information and commitment problems. States strive to have negotiated settlements and are incentivized to misrepresent information regarding resolve and capabilities to opponents. Therefore, vis–vis the U.S., Saddam was incentivized to over-represent the Iraqi power for protection. In addition, he argues that states are sometimes unable to uphold a deal, affecting the calculation of invasion among the two states in tension. Iraq was unreliable to commit giving up its WMD program and was likely to continue developing it, triggering the U.S. to strike first before it gains more power in the future.

Applying Jerviss model, the information failure is due to cognitive biases from states leaders instead of intentional information misrepresentation from opponents. Leaders have different information processing mechanism as Clinton believed Iraq was not a threat and the problem could be solved using international pressure, but, Bush believed Saddam could not be trusted, and Iraq was a threat, so he invaded it. Cognitive biases also existed in intelligence agencies that generated a false sense of security, distorted evidence to back up this false conclusion, and over-learned from facts, which all contributed to the invasion. In addition, Jervis argues that the information failure was since Saddam was signaling multiple actors. He pretended to have powerful WMDs to not only inform the U.S. but also served its regional interest to inform its regional opponent like Iran and domestic opponent. Thus, this failure allows the U.S. to assert Saddams irrationality, leading to the invasion.”
Rewrite Essay to avoid Plagiarism
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