World History 1120

Submita 1.5-2 page, double-spaced, interview with Primo Levi. Include at least 7 interview questions as well as the answers to those interview questions.

***In order to interview Primo Levi, and respond to the interview questions with as real life as possible answers, you will need to research Primo Levi in both your textbook and online.***

  1. ResearchPrimo Levi(Links to an external site.)in both your textbook and on the Internet.
  2. Write up a list of 7 interview questions for Primo Levi
  3. Answer the 7 interview questions how you think he would respond to them given his experience at the Auschwitz concentration camp

NOTE: Make sure you use your textbook. Also, don’t forget to cite your textbook and any other sources you use to answer the DQ.

World History 1120
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